About Well Bred

Our History

a_zoe-175pxWell Bred is one of the New Jersey’s original pet boutiques and pet healthy stores offering you and your pets healthy nutritious pet foods, tasty treats, safe toys and better, high quality products for dogs and cats at fair prices.

Founded by Patti Storms in 2001, Well Bred’s mission was to provide pets and their people with high-quality, health-related products that reflect the style and personality of each client.

In 2013 Patti decided to retire from being a business owner to pursue her passion of showing and working with Jack Russel Terriers. She was not willing to let Well Bred fall into just any hands; she wanted her passion to continue.

Joanna Bronowicka, an MBA from the University of Michigan, a huge enthusiast of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, involved in the breed and showing world, felt that Well Bred would be a wonderful opportunity to pursue her passion for pets full time after her successful career in the corporate world. Today, Joanna is happy to continue Patti’s tradition!

Well Bred mission remained unchanged focusing on healthy nutrition and safer, better products for all of the pet’s needs.

Our Team  – Honest Nutrition Experts

All folks at Well Bred are experienced and passionate pet owners who are nutrition experts! We want the best for your pet as she was our own and we are always there to help you keep your pet happy and healthy!

We are not a corporate with quotas and instructions what products to push to the customers.  If we offer you something, it’s because we consider it the best for your pet in that particular situation.

We strive to keep those tails wagging.

Our Offering

We focus on healthy nutrition and safer, better products for all of the pet’s needs at fair prices.  All of our products are hand-picked and carefully researched by Joanna and her team as well as approved by their own pets.

For your convenience we organize useful and unique services such as doggie SPA Days to trim nails, brush teeth, and clean ears.  We also bring specialists who may help to solve particular issues with your pets such as nutritionists, chiropractors and other interesting people. Please check under the ’Events” section to see what’s next.

Our Community Support

At Well Bred we not only care for your pets but also actively support those pets that are less fortunate. This is why we support organizations and rescues such as Eleven Hour Rescue, Coming Home Rescue, Greyhounds Rescue, and St Hubert Animal Welfare Center. We host adoption events and donate food on regular basis.

Visit us in Chatham, Chester and Clinton NJ at Well Bred and talk with us about your pets! We love it!