Natural Pet Chews

We offer only high quality chews such as: non-odor bully sticks, deer and elk antlers, raw and smoke bones, venison hooves, Himalayan chews, No-Hide chews.

Please be aware that while our chews are high quality,  there is no such thing as 100% safe chew and they all may pose a choking hazard.  Please make sure your pet is supervised during entire time while she is enjoying her chew.

Our bully sticks are the highest quality and they don’t smell!

Our antlers come in all sizes and are pre-cut and sanded for the safer use (and no animal has been killed to get them!).

The raw bones are treated for harmful bacteria, therefore much safer than those you can buy at the butcher or the grocery store.  They are pre-cut in appropriate sizes are the most natural chews you can get.

We don’t carry any raw hide because of chemicals used in their processing and danger they possess to our dogs when ingested.