We get many donations requests every week.  While we are happy to work with rescues on special food deals and we donate quite a lot of food to them every year, we are limited in our sponsoring capability.

Well Bred Donation Application

Therefore, we will be happy to donate or sponsor your event in situations listed below:

  • Your case is related to helping local pets (within 7 miles from where we are located)
  • A person requesting donation for her case is our regular customer  (is on our customer’s list and buy food from us)- you support us as your local business and we support your case
  • If you are not our regular customer but you want to be,  we will support your case, if you buy a $25 gift card for your case.

Please fill in this application and bring it to the store or email to us at


Any other donations will be discussed on case by case basis.

Donations are in the form of goodie baskets or gourmet cookie platters.