Pet Boutique

Well Bred is a full service Pet Boutique

We only carry high quality pet supplies and boutique items such as Ruffwear, Up Country, RC Pets, Bowser Beds, or Wall Beds.  We work with suppliers who not only offer quality products but also stand behind their products.

We offer a full selection of Ruffwear products: swim vests,  swamp coats (cooling coats), harnesses, leashes, boots and toys

Beds, Carriers, Booster Seats, Crates

Unlike other stores, we stock a good selection of high quality and long lasting Bowser’s Beds & Wally Beds, crate pads and quilts.

We carry Sturdi Bag carriers (perfect for air travel or visits to the vets) and Snoozer Car Booster seats.

Pet Diet Supplements & Remedies

We offer probiotics, vitamins, join support and remedies (including homeopathic remedies) for both dogs and cats. Our brands are carefully researched and include brands such as Wholistic Pet, Homeopatic Pet, Pet Natural of Vermont, Shoo- Tag, Alzoo (for ticks and fleas).  We also offer Rescue Remedy and Zymox.

Well Bred Pet Toys

Toys, collars, leashes and harnesses

Although there is no such thing as an intractable toy, we strive to provide the best quality toys we can find.

We offer great selection of styles, patterns and only great quality brands such as  Ruffwear, Puppia, Up Country, Woofwear,  Chokefree, RC Pets, Goody.

Dog clothing and Coats

We proudly provide high quality Foggy Mountains Coats, Dog Gone Smart Parkas, Gold Paw Fleeces and soon a collection of Oscar Newman Dog Clothing!


We carry anything you may need for your dogs or cats, even the hardest to find pet supplies

As a Full-Service Pet Boutique we are always glad to try and order an item we may not have in stock.

Well Bred’s Pet Bakery

Our gourmet bakery features healthy, tasty treats for your dog made from the same ingredients used to bake human cookies. They taste great and we should know…….we have tried all of them.

The pictures tell our Pet Bakery Story Best!

Well Bred Pet Bakery

Well Bred Pet Bakery Goods