Raw Foods

You are interested to feed your dog or cat raw diet? Congratulations! You couldn’t find a healthier and tastier option than that! If you already eat whole foods or are knowledgeable in current trends in human nutrition, that diet will speak to you.

We offer free consultation to our customers.  We will help you select the food based on your dog’s needs and guide you through the transition process .  If you need a personalized consultation, please contact Joanna at Joanna@wellbredonline.com

All raw diets sold at Well Bred:

  • use superior quality meats
  • their manufacturers are very transparent about what meat parts are used and where they are sourced.
  • considered complete diet by AFFCO standards with perfect balance of protein, fats and carbs and with all minerals and vitamins that dogs need.
  • 100% tested for pathogenic bacteria

All meats used are not only human grade but most of them are raised without hormones and antibiotics and are grass fed.

There is no dry or canned food on the market that uses the same quality of meats.   See more info on what raw food is here: Nutrition.

Brands we carry

All items on stock: Answers Pet Food, K9 Natural, Bravo!, Primal 

Selected items on stock or special orders : Steve’s Real Food, Vital Essentials, Stella & Chewy’s

Answers Pet Food

We consider Answers the best food on the market. It’s made from grass fed, free range animals, never treated with hormones or antibiotics) in Lancaster PA. The company either buys meats from the Whole Foods graded farms that are GAP graded (5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating) or raise their own animals.  It’s very important for them that the animals live the best life they can be offered.

Answers have done a lot of trials on their food and they work with veterinary professionals to help sick pets with better natural diet diet. If you are interested to learn more, check it here Answers for Vets

Answers food is fermented. Fermentation is the oldest process people use to prevent food from growing pathogenic bacteria.  Fermentation produces about 200 strains of probiotics (good bacteria) which makes that food so much more digestible and easy to absorb. As a result, that food is not only safer to handle but also you will feed 50% less than if you use other brands or make your own food.

Answers doesn’t add any artificial vitamins packs to their foods.

Answers food has 2 formulas and additional products. It comes in beef, pork, chicken and turkey.

  • Detailed that’s contain 90% of meat (muscles, organs and bone) and 10% are non-starchy veggies, eegs and fish oil. It comes in 1oz nibbles (2.2lb), 8oz patties (4lbs) and 2 and 4 lbs blocks of meat.  It’s also possible to buy 30lbs cases of meat for better price.
  • Straight – it contains 100% of meat (muscles, organs and bone). It comes in 2 and 4lbs blocks of meat
  • Additional – Fermented raw goat milk , fermented raw cow kefir and fermented fish stock.
    • Fermented raw goat milk and raw cow kefir (grass fed animals)
      • great to improve digestion with it’s probiotics,
      • Provide full set of natural vitamins and nutrients – added to the straight formula, it make it complete
      • provide moisture to the dry foods
      • make picky eaters eat!
      • Read Joanna’s article about benefits of goat milk in here. 
    • Fermented fish stock is a jello like slow cooked stock from North Atlantic caught cod and sardines. It has one of the highest Omega 3 content (1600mg/1oz) so it’s highly anti-infammatory.

Dog of that size would eat 4oz a day (so the dog of 10lb would 2oz/day and the dog of 40lb wouldd eat 8oz/day).  If you fed other brands, the quantity would double.

A cost of feeding per month of 20lbs dog (4oz/day)

  • 1oz Nibbles (most convenient) – $55.99 – to 65.99
  • 8oz Patties – $46.99 – $56.99
  • Blocks of detailed meat (2 & 4lb) – $34.99 – $48.99
  • 30lbs cases -$32.99 – $42.99

Please note that the prices may change

Answers offers Frequent Buyer Program – buy 12 the same size (over time) and get 1 free. 30lb cases and treats are excluded.

K9 Natural

This is a great quality raw food from New Zealand.  New Zealand has the best meats in the World.  All grass fed and never treated with hormones or antibiotics.  They do contain artificial vitamins in order to meet AFFCO requirements.

It comes in Beef, Lamb and Chicken.

The formula includes 90% of meat (muscle, organs, bone) and 10% consists of eggs, fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals as well as nature’s superfood for dogs – New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels.

This food is super tasty and even picky eaters love to try it.

It’s a true raw without any processing such as HPP.  It does contain vitamin packs but so do all dry and canned foods.

The prices on the frozen raw K9 Natural are lower than on Answers but feeding cost per month will be 20-30% higher than Answers (Answers is a fermented food, therefore absorbs better and smaller amounts are needed)

K9 Natural offers Frequent Buyer Program – buy 12 the same size (over time) and get 1 free.


Primal is one of the premium foods.  While it uses conventional meats (but no hormones or antibiotics), Primal use organic veggies.  The make up is 78-80% of meat (muscles, organs and bone) and 20-22% veggies, fruit and salmon oil and is suitable for those who prefer to feed their pets higher amount of veggies in their food.

Primal has a great selection of meats such as beef, chicken, pork, duck, turkey, venison, rabbit, duck, pheasant in 3 forms:

  • 6oz patties
  • nuggets
  • Pronto (small kibble size nibbles)

The prices on the frozen Primal food  are lower than on Answers but feeding cost per month will be 20-30% higher than Answers (Answers is a fermented food, therefore absorbs better and smaller amounts are needed)

Primal offers Frequent Buyer Program – buy 12 the same size (over time) and get 1 free.