Rescues and Fosters

At Well Bred we not only care for your pets but also actively support those pets that are less fortunate. If you are a Shelter, Rescue or Foster Family, here are the programs we offer you:

Special Discounts

Non-Profit Shelters and Rescues – 15% off on all purchases for your organization’s needs.

Fosters – 10% off on all purchases for your fosters needs.

Please download the application and email it to or bring it to the store.

Well Bred Rescue and Fosters Program Application

Your name and organization will be entered to our POS system and your discount will be applied every time you shop under that name.

Adoption Days

If you are a Shelter or Rescue and would like to organize Adoption Days at Well Bred, please contact each Joanna, the owner at  or each store directly (see contact details under the store page).  We will be happy to host you and advertise the event

Foods Collection and Fundraisers

If you wanted us to collect food for you and collect money for your special case, we will be happy to do it.  The best it would be to connect it with your Adoption Day at Well Bred.