Well Bred Chatham

Well Bred Pet Chatham NJ


Well Bred – Chatham, NJ.

Well Bred Chatham NJ is located at:

Hickory Square Plaza
641 Shunpike Rd
Chatham NJ 07928
phone (973) 377-4606


Monday – Friday 10:30-7:00
Saturday 10:00-5:30
Sunday 11:00-4:00

Pet Food Brands we carry:

We can special order & carry for you any brand you wish. Just let us know. 

Dry Foods:  See more here: Dry Foods at Well Bred

Major brands – full line: Orijen, Acana, Fromm, Carna4, Petcurean Now,  Zignature, Stella & Chewy,

Selected items:   Merrick, Taste of the Wild, Wellness Core, Natural Balance LID, Blue Buffalo, Farmina,  Annameat, Earthborn, Health Extension, Nature’s Variety Instinct, and many others.


Raw FoodSee more here: Raw Foods at Well Bred

Full line: Answers, K9 Natural, Primal, Rad Cat – full line

Selected items and special orders: Steve’s, Nature Variety’s Instinct, Vital Essentials.


Freeze & Air Dried: K9 Natural, Primal, Stella & Chewy’s, Orijen, Vital Essentials, Ziwi Peak, Steve’s, Honest Kitchen (selected), Gramma Lucy (selected).  More in here: Freeze Dried Foods at Well Bred


Cans: Koha, Weruva, Fromm, Merrick, Health Extension, Hounds & Gatos, Zignature. More in here: Cans at Well Bred


Cat Food: Rad Cat, Weruva, Tiki, Fussie Cat, Stella & Chewy’s, Orijen, Acana, Fromm, Farmina, Blue Wilderness, Primal, K9 Natural. More in here: Cat Foods at Well Bred


Events and Services

Spa Day

Nail Trimming $8 (with dremmel $10), Teeth Brushing $7, Ear Cleaning $6. All 3 services $18/$20

Animal Chiropractor Dr Marc Sommer

Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month 2 to 4 (February 28, March 21)

Please email dr Sommer for appointment at drbones98@yahoo.com.

Animal Chiropractor

Well Bred Pet Adoption Days: TBD

Pooch Smooch Photo: TBD

Pet Nutrition Days at Well Bred: TBD

Be sure to visit us when in Chatham, NJ

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