Diet Gurus

We are nutrition experts! We have spent years studying both canine and human nutrition and how it affects the body. Those of us who have the deepest knowledge, earn the Diet Guru title, provide nutrition consultation for your pet’s diet

Nutrition Consults:

Short Consult:

We offer free short in store consultations if you want to chose food from our offering. Consult with our managers and associates knowledgeable in nutrition. Stop by any of our stores for the in store consult.

Personalized Consult with a Diet Guru:

This paid consult is offered by appointment. It includes:

  • an initial consultation in person, by email or by phone (in person preferred)
  • 6 weeks follow up by email or by phone anytime you need help

To schedule an appointment, please send an email:

Please provide following information:

  • detailed information on foods and treats your dog have been eating in last 6 months
  • list any allergies and any health concerns related to your dog.
  • anything important you want us to know about

Send all relevant information to

Disclaimer – we are not veterinarians but spent years of studying nutrition. Therefore we can’t diagnose any disease, cure or heal or prevent any disease nor we can prescribe.