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Puppy Manners Camp by NJ Fix My Dog

Puppy Manners Camp by NJ Fix My Dog

Highly recommended by Well Bred if you have issues with training your puppy

Finding the time and the skills to train a new puppy or rescue is not always as easy as it sounds.  Why not let a professional do that training for you?

At NJ Fix My Dog, LLC are proud of our incredible Puppy Manners Camp success stories! Veterinarians in NJ and NY highly recommend our services, we attribute that to the fact that your pup lives in our home, with our family and our personal dogs during the entire of the camp. The environment is nurturing, comfortable, and is designed this way to closely resemble the environment they will be in when they return home to you.  Your pup would be one of only two dogs (MAX) in our program at any time. We feel very strongly that puppies do not learn or flourish in a loud, scary, and impersonal kennel setting, that is why we take so few and only as a guest in our private home.

Our camp is an effective way to imprint your pup’s life skills and ensures that they will have solid manners when they return home. Why do we call it “Life Skills” and not just “training”? It is because we do so much more than just train your dog to sit, down and stay, we teach them what they need to know to be a well-rounded part of your family and community.

Why choose Fix My Dog?

  • Your pup will be living in a REAL home surrounded by a loving family, NEVER a kennel.
  • Our camp trainers (there are only 3) have decades of Life Skills training experience.
  • We take a maximum of two dogs (most often only one) into our program at any time so they will be the entire focus of their trainer. 
  • Without question, a puppy being trained in a loving home setting with one-on-one training creates amazing and lasting results.

Basic manners and housebreaking: 

This camp is designed to teach basic everyday life skills that are an essential foundation for any puppy to be a welcome member of your family. This camp will include the following skills:

  • No jumping
  • No mouthing
  • No barking
  • Address housebreaking and being crated quietly
  • Walk nicely on the leash, sit, down and wait 
  • The appropriate way to behave around other dogs and people.

Advance puppy manners/skills: 

In addition to the above-mentioned skills, the advanced camp also addresses the more complicated issues such as:
• Counter surfing and food stealing,
• Leave it (not taking things off the ground)
• Extended stay command
• Come when called (in a fenced area) 
• Advanced leash skills with higher levels of distractions. 

What should you expect when your pup gets back home? We will be returning very a well-informed puppy that understands the new rules of being a great family member and you will see incredible changes.  You and your family will be taught the skills needed to maintain the new skills as well as the housebreaking rules and schedule to concrete the training and ensure long term success. 


Your pup’s trainer will spend a few hours with you and your family at the conclusion of Puppy Camp going over the training and answering any questions you might have.  Due to the present Covid issue, this transition will be done with a combination of  virtual aids, a printed and easy to understand summary and live demos to assure your success. 


Jean Owen



Professional Member in good standing:

APDT - Association of Professional Dog Trainers - member #5297

IACP - International Assoc of Canine Professionals - Member #3667

GRCA - Golden Retriever Club of America

HVGRC - Hudson Valley Golden Retriever Club

SAC - Skyline Agility Club of NJ


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