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Local Delivery to 80 Zip Codes | Curbside Pickup | Free Shipping over $49
Local Delivery to 80 Zip Codes | Curbside Pickup | Free Shipping

Well Bred

Well Bred is a healthy pet marketplace, healthy food store & boutique with everything you need in one place with amazing prices!  We are one of your pet’s favorite places to visit.  We are Pet Diet Gurus – we specialize in healthy foods and treats and better products for all of your pet’s needs

We offer gentle full service grooming and self-serve pet wash in our Livingston store.

We don’t sell live animals and we do not approve selling of dogs and cats by pets stores.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure all neighborhood pets have access to healthy nutritious foods that keeps them healthy and happy!

This is our passion and whatever we offer you, is not because we were instructed to do it nor because make better margin on those products. It’s because we think it’s a right healthy choice for your pet!

We not only sell what is popular but we do monitor market to make sure we work only with ethical manufacturers who put in the food quality ingredients and who do what they say they would do.

Our Story  - Our Passion

Well Bred, founded in 2001 by Patti Storms in Chester, is one of the New Jersey’s original pet boutiques.  In 2013 it was acquired by Joanna Bronowicka*  who focused on what makes the biggest difference in our pets’ lives – healthy, species appropriate nutrition.

Within a few years we expanded into Clinton, Chatham and Livingston areas and In 2020, we decided to add online channel to allow our customers to shop online while supporting local business and local economy.   

*Joanna is a lawyer from education (5 year Master Degree in Law from the University of Wroclaw) and a business person by later choice. She also has an MBA from the University of Michigan. She spent 15 years in a corporate world, 7 years growing her own business and 20 years on studying canine and human nutrition.  She is big a Cavalier King Charles Spaniels lover and she shows her dogs at AKC and CKCSC USA conformation events. She has studied canine and human nutrition and its effect on the body for years and she is a published author of many articles and advice columns.  

Our Team  – Honest Pet Experts & Pet Diet Gurus

All folks at Well Bred are experienced and passionate pet owners, with experience in raising pets, training and nutrition. We personally use a lot of pet services and have always an advice for you on them.

We want the best for your pet as she was our own and we are always there to help you keep your pet happy and healthy. Whatever we offer you, it's with your pet's best interest in mind.

Our Offering

We only carry products that we would offer our own pets! Healthy & organic foods and treats, natural chews, supplements and better, safer products for our pets. Our boutique section is awesome!  Fun toys, super comfy beds that last forever or comfortable high quality clothing for very cold days for your pets!

For your convenience we offer useful and unique services such as doggie SPA Days to trim nails, brush teeth, and clean ears or affordable VIP Clinics with parvo/distemper titers and vaccinations. 

We also bring specialists who may help to solve particular issues with your pets such as nutritionists, chiropractors and other interesting people. Please check each store page for information of current events

Our Community Support

At Well Bred we not only care for your pets but also actively support those pets that are less fortunate. This is why we support organizations and rescues.  We host adoption events and donate food on regular basis.

Visit us in Chatham, Chester, Clinton and Livingston NJ at Well Bred and talk with us about your pets! We love it!

Our freezers in Livingston (raw and gently cooked foods)


 Pictured our freezers in the Livingston store full of organic and natural frozen raw foods as well as frozen gently cooked foods.