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Puppy Nipping - Tips from Jean from NJ Fix My Dog

Puppy Nipping - Tips from Jean from NJ Fix My Dog

Is your puppy biting or teething?

The number one topic we at NJ Fix My Dog are addressing in our virtual coaching sessions is puppy mouthing, nipping, and biting. Biting and teething are two very different issues.

Here are a few tidbits about your pup and biting:

  1. Prior to joining your family, your pup likely played rather exuberantly with their littermates or rescue friends. This surely included lots of nipping and biting. Yet interestingly enough, their Mom taught them not to bite her.
  2. Although your pup may growl and even break skin it is very unlikely you have an aggression issue.
  3. If your pup is growling and snarling when you try to take something of value, there is a bit of concern, as that can be the beginning of what is called resource guarding. 
  4. Most puppies experience what we call puppy zoomies (AKA the witching hour) once or twice a day. Although this is very common, it often ends with a VERY mouthy puppy. No worries as there are multiple techniques to address this unwanted outcome.
  5. Over-tired pups are very similar to an over-tired child, in pups that often results in biting.  Did you know a puppy should sleep 18-21 a day?
  6. Too much handling/playtime can also make a puppy mouthy, so be sure you are not allowing too much stimulus at any one time.


Here are a few tidbits about teething:

  1. Teething is essentially trying to relieve the discomfort of teeth growing in or falling out.
  2. Having a chew bone like a bully stick that can get a bit soft as they chew will help stimulate their gums and relieve the discomfort.
  3. If you are introducing any new chew bone, do so slowly, and we recommend no more than five minutes a day for the first few days and then working up to longer periods to avoid any kind of stomach upset.
  4. If you see a small amount of blood on a chew bone, don’t panic as it is normal during the teething process.
  5. You should have other non-edible chew toys available at all times when they can be supervised (marrow bones, nylabones, kongs).
  6. Ice cube chips can make their gums feel better. Remember that ice is water, so be sure you have calculated that into your pup’s daily water intake quota.

If you would like to set up a virtual puppy coaching session, we are here to help you get your puppy onto the right paw.


 Jean Owen




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