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Odor Free Jumbo Bully Stick 12''

Price: $14.99
Single Pack of 8
Ships Nationwide
Size: Single
Size: Single

Odor Free Jumbo Bully Sticks

A naturally exciting and healthy dog chew treat made from 100% grass fed Brazilian cattle.  Our Jumbo Bullies last longer with a stronger chew resistance and are great for medium and heavy chewers.

Those bullies are hand-sort by weight, to ensure consistency.  A single 12" Jumbo bully stick weighs 80-90g.

Our bully sticks are:

  • fully digestible
  • delicious
  • fully natural: chemicals, dye, preservative and hormone free

A great way to keep any dogs busy and support dental health without preservatives or chemicals. 


Recommended for: all stages.

  • Great for puppies as they won't resist chewing a bully stick and this should prevent a puppy from developing bad habits of chewing on shoes or furniture. 
  • Great for senior dogs are they are not very hard.

    Important: make sure your dog is supervised the entire time when chewing. Do not leave unsupervised

    • Dogs under 30lbs - 6" and 12" bullies
    • Dogs over 30lbs - 12" bullies
    • Select the thickness based on your dog's usual chew strength. Power chewers need jumbo-sized bully sticks

    Chewy Time: depends on the size of the bully stick and your dog's chew strength. Generally, bully sticks are long-lasting for puppies and small breeds but for dogs over 20lb, make sure you pick the right size and thickness.  

    We advise 20 minutes of chewing sessions. 

    Take the bully away if it is getting smaller.

    Use Bow Wow holder for safety so your dog can enjoy the bully till the end!

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    Patricia Ratner

    Awesome as always

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