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Choke Free Vel Pro Mesh Shoulder Harness

Price: $28.99
Small Medium Large X-Large X-Small
Ships Nationwide
Size: Small
Color: Blue
Size: Small
Color: Blue

Mesh Choke Free Harness

Vel*Pro Mesh ChokeFree harness is one of our most favorite harnesses!

  • Non-choking pet shoulder harness
  • No contact with Airway
  • Easy One-piece Step-in
  • non-choking pet shoulder harness
  • Mesh, Soft, and Lightweight
  • Vel-Lock Closure


Size and Measurement of the chokefree™ Shoulder Collar is easy: 
Size is determined by measuring the pet's chest just behind the front legs.  

With YOUR PET STANDING, wrap a measuring tape around the pet’s chest from behind the front legs up and around forming a circle to the top of the spine.
It is important for chokefree™ not to be too large.  The shoulder collar should be fitted such that the pet does not have enough room to pull out of the collar. 

Chokefree™ sizes match the circumference of the pet's chest behind the front legs. Measurements are taken behind the pet's front legs should allow for a comfortable fit and not be tight. Do not add any spacing such as your fingers under the measuring tape-it needs to be the exact measurement.

If the pet can tuck its head and back out, the Vel*Pro is too large and a smaller size should be selected. 

X-Small: 11”-12”
Small: 13”-14”
Medium: 15”-16”
Large: 17”-18”
X-Large: 19”-20”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jan Day
Xsmall harness

It fits my mini dachshund puppy perfectly and is so easy to put on and take off!