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Free Local Delivery to 80 Zip Codes | Curbside Pickup | Free Shipping

Open Farm Grain Free Dog Dry Food Beef

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Size: 4.5lb
Size: 4.5lb

About Open Farm

More Than Pet Food

  • Our premium quality recipes start with the world’s best ingredients. From sourcing through to production, we are committed to delivering premium nutrition that meets the highest standard of quality & care.

Wholesome Ingredients

  • We go to great lengths to source the world’s best ingredients. Our meats are sourced from high welfare family farms that are antibiotic and growth hormone free and our fruits & veggies are exclusively non-GMO.

Recipes Rich in Meats

  • Dogs and cats thrive on quality protein. That’s why every Open Farm recipe starts with meat as the first ingredient. Our meats are raised naturally without any antibiotics or growth hormones and have no artificial flavors, preservatives or fillers. And of course, we only source from third-party verified family farms that employ humane farming practices.

Functional Ingredients

  • It’s important to know what’s going into your pet’s bowl. We provide meaningful amounts of beneficial ingredients like coconut oil, leafy greens, turmeric and other natural superfoods that help your pet thrive.

Dietary Sensitivities

  • We offer a variety of recipes and formats that meet the individual needs of your pet. Whether it’s a food sensitivity or allergy, we provide solution-based diets for all life stages.

What makes Open Farm Dry Dog Food special?

  • Not to brag (well, maybe just a little) but our dry food isn’t just made with good-for-your-pup ingredients, it’s also made with good intentions. Every recipe includes 100% humanely raised and ethically sourced animal protein that’s antibiotic and growth hormone free. Plus, they’re packed with functional superfoods like non-GMO pumpkin. Putting your pet’s health and wellbeing first is what we call special.

Do you have grain inclusive and grain free food?

  • Yes! To grain or not grain, is your choice. Why? Because we think it’s important to offer options for different life stages, dietary requirements and sensitivities. Whether it’s grain inclusive or grain-free, know that you’re serving your pet premium ingredients from the highest quality sources.

Can you rotate between different proteins?

  • Yes! Variety is the spice of life (even if the food isn’t spicy). Our recipes are made specifically to eliminate transitioning when switching between proteins in the same category. After all, we wouldn’t want to eat the same meal every day, so why should your pup? Plus, switching it up reduces your dog’s chances of developing food allergies and sensitivities.


Dry Food

  • The best ingredients for your BFF. Our recipes are high meat, low carb and offer variety with easy switching.

Farm to Bowl Ingredients

Our grass-fed beef comes from 100% Certified Humane® farms where it’s raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. And that’s not all, with every bag we’ll tell you where every ingredient comes from. Simply locate the Lot Code on the back.

  • Beef From Certified Humane® Farms
  • Natural Superfoods Like Coconut Oil And Pumpkin
  • Locally Sourced, Non-Gmo Fruits & Vegetables
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors Or Preservatives
  • No Grain, Corn, Wheat Or Soy
  • No Poultry Or Meat Byproducts
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